The Benefits and Drawbacks of Topping an Oak Tree

Do you have an overgrown oak tree in your lawn that’s causing a lot of issues? Maybe its huge branches are sagging on your front porch? Perhaps it is covering your lawn with acorns? For those who don’t know, oaks can drop 10,000 acorns every year.  

Sometimes, homeowners choose to hire tree removal Shreveport company to get rid of the tree. However, most of them believe that topping the problematic oak tree is the ideal option. Though topping might work, it has both pros and cons. 


  • Stress Sprouts 

Topping an oak tree can result in the production of a lot of tiny sprouts on the trunk. These sprouts are also called stress sprouts. When suffering from severe stress, trees develop them. The sprouts will grow immediately in an effort to keep the tree alive.  

Because of this, you will have to spend more time maintaining the oak tree. 

  • Laborious and Hard 

Topping is both laborious and hard. This might discourage a couple of homeowners from utilizing this approach to deal with an overgrown oak tree. 

You will not be able to top the tree with a pair of shears if the tree is already old. You will instead require a chainsaw. 

Also, you will require a safety harness and a ladder since topping involves the removal of the tree’s upper portion. 

  • Improved Risk of Infection 

Last but not the least, topping can improve the risk of infection in an oak tree. 

Every tree is vulnerable to fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. Of course, this includes oak trees. However, the risk of infection of a tree greatly increases when topped. 


  • Enhanced Aesthetics 

Topping can enhance the aesthetics of an oak tree aside from promoting a cleaner lawn. Oak trees will grow a dense and huge canopy that appears a bit unkempt when you neglect it. This might affect the curb appeal of your house negatively if the oak tree is directly in front of your house.  

Obviously, you can greatly decrease its canopy if you top it. this will enhance the curb appeal of your house.  

  • Cleaner Lawn 

Topping includes the full removal of the upper portion of a tree. You should not confuse it with pruning.  

The oak tree will not shed as many leaves or drop as many acorns by getting rid of all the top branches. The branches will probably grow again. However, it can take a couple of years for this to happen.  

As you can see, topping typically does more harm instead of good. You should think about pruning the oak tree instead of topping it if an overgrown oak tree is causing you issues. When it comes to topping and pruning, there are a lot of DIY tips and tricks on the internet. However, the risks associated with them are high. Because of this, hiring a professional tree trimming company is your best bet. They have all the skills, tools, and knowledge required to effectively prune the tree without damaging it and your property.  

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